Brief History

Hybrid Solicitors emerged from a merger of two fast growing law firms in Lagos, Nigeria. Since the merger in 2005, the firm has been growing massively, both in size and client base, and has consistently pursued the core values that formed the foundation of the merger.


To be a first class law firm, offering impeccable professional legal services to clients and ensuring perfect client satisfaction. Our core values are integrity, productivity and professionalism.

About Us


The firm adopts a result-oriented approach to addressing our clients’ needs. We also adopt the MBA (Most Beneficial Approach) method on deciding what steps to take, taking into consideration the peculiar nature of every particular case. While our clients’ instruction is our ultimate guide, we always advise our clients on areas we have different opinions and the reasons for the difference in opinion. This is to ensure a balanced consideration to achieving the most beneficial result.

Our modus operandi is simple but purpose driven. Our firm clearly recognises the importance of industry knowledge in all service delivery to clients. After we’ve received instructions from our clients, we refer it to the appropriate department to deliberate on and produce a Case Report. Thereafter, the Report is sent to the Partners for further deliberations and input. At this stage, if further instructions are required from the client, the client is contacted for that purpose. In the end, the proposed document (depending on the nature of the brief) is produced and sent to the client for perusal and confirmation of contents. When we receive the client’s feedback, we proceed to produce the final document and then proceed on execution, depending on the nature of the work.


Hybrid Solicitors has its offices located in three cities within Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan, with associates in all the major cities in Nigeria. We also have affliates outside Nigeria, in London and other major city in Europe and the United States.

The firm consists of a total of eleven legal practitioners, six in the Lagos office, three in the Abuja office and two in the Ibadan office. To support the legal team is a group of eight paralegal and administrative staff spread across our 3 offices in Nigeria.