Our Publications

Hybrid Solicitors, through its sister firm, Hybrid Consult, is the proud publisher of the following leading legal works:
Managing Expatriates in Employment: Legal, HR & Tax Perspectives: The book is a complete reference work and a practitioner’s guide on managing expatriates. The first of its kind in Nigeria,.. . ...Read More
Labour Law Review (A Quarterly Journal since 2007): This is a quarterly journal published since 2007. The Journal's core areas of focus include: Labour/Industrial law, Employment law ...Read More
Annotated Nigerian Labour Legislation (Published in 2008, 2nd Edition in Press):This is a compendium of Nigerian labour statutes with expert ...Read More
Themes on the New Employees' Compensation Act (2013): This is an authoritative and complete reference work on the Employees’ Compensation Act ...Read More
Themes in Trade Union Law and Administration in Nigeria (2010): This is a leading work on Trade Union Law and Administration in Nigeria. It is a collection of papers on virtually every area of Trade Union Law ... Read More
Business Law Review (A Quarterly Journal since 2010):The Journal's coverage include: Company Law and Practice, Maritime & Admiralty Law, Telecommunications & Information Technology ...Read More
Nigerian Tax Notes (A monthly journal on Taxation since 2008): Nigerian Tax Notes is a monthly journal of Nigerian Tax Law. Conceived as a complete practitioners guide on Nigerian Law of Taxation ...Read More
Nigerian Tax Law Reports (1960 - 2010): This is a compendium of Appellate Courts (Supreme Court and Court of Appeal) ... Read More
The Law of Wills: A Practical Guide to Citizens: This book is a handy guide on the law of wills. In a simple and self-explanatory style, it explains some of the most fundamental issues ...Read More